7 Ways to Customize Salesforce to Your Business

7 Ways to Customize Salesforce to Your Business

July 10, 2023

Mateusz Krzywiecki

Mateusz Krzywiecki

Discover how to tailor Salesforce to fit your business needs with our 7 key strategies. NEXELERO, as a Salesforce partner, guides you through each step.


In today's rapidly-evolving business world, the ability to operate with efficiency, adaptability, and innovative thinking are vital ingredients to remaining competitive and achieving success. Recognizing this, a growing number of organizations across various industries are turning to Salesforce, the globally-renowned, number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

The power of Salesforce, however, does not simply lie in its comprehensive out-of-the-box features and capabilities. Instead, it is in its highly customizable nature that allows businesses to tailor their CRM solutions to meet their unique needs, operations, and objectives. When correctly customized, Salesforce transcends from being a mere tool and becomes a powerful engine driving business growth, customer satisfaction, and overall organizational excellence.

At NEXELERO, as an official Salesforce partner, we have garnered extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in navigating the intricacies of Salesforce customization. Our mission is to bridge the gap between your specific business needs and Salesforce's capabilities, empowering you to leverage the full potential of the platform.

7 Ways to Customize Salesforce to Your Business

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into seven critical ways to customize Salesforce to cater to your specific business needs, laying down a roadmap for transforming Salesforce into a personalized, high-performing, and efficient business solution.

1. Custom Objects and Fields

At the core of Salesforce's customization capabilities lie custom objects and fields - the fundamental building blocks that allow you to tailor the CRM platform to capture, store, and process information unique to your business.

A custom object operates akin to any standard Salesforce object, such as Leads or Accounts. However, it provides a distinct advantage - it is designed to hold information that is specific and relevant to your unique business processes. This could range from unique identifiers for your products, additional demographic data about your customers, or even custom KPIs that your business tracks.

On the other hand, custom fields are a way to extend the capabilities of both standard and custom objects. They allow you to capture additional unique data that doesn't fit into the pre-existing structure of Salesforce objects. For instance, if your business offers bespoke consulting services, you might want to create a custom field in the Opportunity object to capture the consulting package a client has chosen.

Creating custom objects and fields can be accomplished through Salesforce's Setup menu, requiring no code and little technical knowledge. However, careful consideration is needed in deciding what objects and fields to create. An understanding of your business needs, processes, and data relationships is crucial to build a functional, streamlined, and efficient Salesforce structure.

NEXELERO, with its extensive Salesforce expertise, can guide you through this process, helping you design a structure that accurately reflects your unique business model and delivers value by providing accurate, relevant, and timely information.

2. Customizing the User Interface

The User Interface (UI) plays a crucial role in influencing the user experience, impacting productivity, and ensuring effective interaction with the CRM system. Salesforce provides an array of options for UI customization to ensure the platform is not only functional but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Salesforce's Lightning App Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the UI at multiple levels. You can customize your Salesforce homepage, design new Lightning pages, and even tailor record pages for both standard and custom objects. The drag-and-drop interface of the Lightning App Builder makes it easy to create visually engaging and functionally rich pages, offering users a streamlined and personalized experience.

Another tool for more in-depth UI customization is Visualforce. With Visualforce, you can control the finer details of the look and feel of your Salesforce instance, providing granular control over the UI elements and offering a way to create highly customized user experiences. It is especially useful for businesses with specific branding requirements or those needing to build complex, dynamic interfaces.

However, customizing the UI requires a balance. It's important to ensure that customization enhances user experience without adding unnecessary complexity. It's here that NEXELERO's experience shines. We understand the importance of intuitive and effective design and can assist in creating a Salesforce UI that is not only visually appealing but also enhances productivity and user satisfaction.

3. Workflow Automation

In today's competitive business landscape, speed and accuracy are of the essence. Workflow automation within Salesforce can help you gain an edge by automating standard internal procedures, thereby saving time, reducing errors, and increasing overall productivity.

Salesforce offers two key tools for automating workflows: Workflow Rules and the Process Builder. Workflow Rules let you automate standard internal procedures and processes without writing a single line of code. They consist of two main components: the criteria (or the rules) and the actions. The criteria define the conditions that must be met, and the actions are what happens when those conditions are met.

On the other hand, the Process Builder provides a more visual approach to creating automated processes. The interface allows you to build entire workflows by piecing together different criteria and actions in a flow-chart-like diagram, making it easier to visualize and understand.

However, effective workflow automation requires a deep understanding of your business processes. It's crucial to map out your processes, identify bottlenecks, and understand where automation can bring value. It's also essential to design your workflows in a way that they can evolve as your business grows and changes.

With NEXELERO's experience and expertise in Salesforce customization, we can guide you through the process of creating efficient workflows. By understanding your business processes and identifying areas for automation, we can help you leverage Salesforce's automation tools to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

4. Custom Reports and Dashboards

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, but raw data alone offers little value. It's the interpretation of this data into actionable insights that drives business growth. This is where Salesforce's Custom Reports and Dashboards come in.

Custom Reports allow you to sift through your Salesforce data and present it in an organized and meaningful way. Salesforce offers a robust report builder that lets you create detailed reports based on your specific requirements. You can define the filters, groupings, and even the layout of the report to best suit your needs.

However, even the best report can sometimes be overwhelming with the sheer amount of data it presents. This is where Dashboards come in. Dashboards provide a visual representation of your data, making it easier to understand, interpret, and act upon. A well-designed dashboard can present complex data in a simple and engaging manner, providing you with instant insights into your business performance.

Creating effective reports and dashboards requires a deep understanding of your business metrics and how to best present them. With NEXELERO's expertise, we can help you create custom reports and dashboards that not only present your data in a meaningful way but also provide actionable insights that drive your business decisions.

5. Salesforce Apps

Salesforce's AppExchange is a marketplace of ready-to-install apps designed to extend Salesforce's capabilities. It contains over 5,000 solutions, ranging from apps that handle specific tasks like email marketing and project management, to apps that cater to specific industries like healthcare or real estate.

The beauty of AppExchange is that it allows you to add functionality to your Salesforce instance without any coding. You can browse the marketplace, find an app that meets your needs, and install it with just a few clicks. This allows you to extend your CRM’s capabilities rapidly and efficiently.

However, while there are many apps to choose from, it's crucial to select the ones that truly meet your business needs and integrate well with your existing Salesforce setup. NEXELERO's experienced team can guide you through this process. We can help you identify your needs, find the right apps to meet those needs, and ensure they are installed and configured correctly.

6. Integrations

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but its true power is unlocked when it's integrated with other software used in your business. From marketing automation tools and email services to accounting software and social media platforms, Salesforce can be integrated with a wide range of external systems.

Salesforce integrations allow for data synchronization between systems, creating a single, unified platform where all your data can be accessed and managed. This eliminates data silos, reduces the risk of errors, and allows for more efficient data management.

However, integrations can be complex, requiring technical expertise and careful planning. NEXELERO's team of experts can simplify this process for you. With our knowledge of Salesforce's API and experience in working with various software platforms, we can help you create seamless integrations that increase efficiency and streamline your operations.

7. Implementing Salesforce Communities

In the digital age, interaction and engagement are key to building strong relationships with your customers, partners, and employees. Salesforce Communities is a powerful tool that can help you foster these relationships.

Salesforce Communities is a social platform within Salesforce that allows you to connect with your customers, partners, and employees in a new and engaging way. You can build custom, branded communities that provide a platform for interaction, collaboration, and engagement.

However, creating a successful community requires more than just technical knowledge. It requires an understanding of your stakeholders, their needs, and how to best engage them. With NEXELERO's experience in building Salesforce Communities, we can guide you through the process of planning, creating, and managing a successful community.


Salesforce has proven itself to be a robust and versatile platform that can cater to the diverse needs of businesses. However, to truly leverage its potential, businesses need to tailor it to their unique needs, and this is where Salesforce customization comes into play. By customizing Salesforce, you can create a CRM solution that not only fulfills your current business requirements but also grows and adapts with your evolving needs.

At NEXELERO, we understand the intricacies of Salesforce customization. Our experience and expertise span across creating custom objects and fields, customizing the user interface, automating workflows, creating custom reports and dashboards, implementing Salesforce apps, integrating Salesforce with other systems, and implementing Salesforce Communities. With this comprehensive understanding of Salesforce's capabilities, we are equipped to guide you on your journey to Salesforce customization, ensuring you unlock the full potential of the platform and drive your business to new heights of success.

Customizing Salesforce can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and support, it can become a driving force in your business's success. At NEXELERO, we're committed to providing that guidance and support, helping you navigate the complexities of Salesforce customization and transform Salesforce from a tool to a strategic asset for your business. Together, we can help you unlock the full potential of Salesforce and propel your business to greater success.